A new research project, led by Dr Nicola Henry (La Trobe University) with co-investigators Dr Asher Flynn (Monash University) and Dr Anastasia Powell (RMIT University) will explore the scope, nature and impacts of so-called ‘revenge pornography’. The project, “Responding to Revenge Pornography”, is funded by the Criminology Research Council and is the first Australian study on the online distribution of intimate/explicit digital images without consent (“revenge pornography”). The research aims to document the prevalence and impacts of adult victimisation in Australia, and systematically analyse applicable laws in three jurisdictions (Victoria, SA, NSW). It employs a mixed-method design comprising: a national survey of adult victims; stakeholder consultations (national roundtable and interviews in three jurisdictions); analysis of recorded crime-statistics; and a legislative review. This project will generate new, internationally-relevant knowledge about the nature and extent of adult revenge pornography, and will inform legal and policy reform on this issue.

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